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You Can Be Magnificent


Learn ways to lead a more magnificent life. Takara will teach us how to go from ordinary to extraordinary, from a stress-filled chaotic existence to one of flowing with the Universe and much more easily achieving our dreams. She is the living embodiment of her teaching having manifested numerous miracles in her own life and helped many others achieve theirs. She says, “When you can tap into your own magnificence, align with the Divine, and stay in perpetual flow with theUniverse, miraculous things can happen." What if you were in perpetual amazement at the magnificent way your life unfolds? How extraordinary it would be to experience synchronicity and goal achievement at a much more rapid pace, have joy as your “normal” mode of operation, reduce mayhem and stress while increasing miracles. These are but a few of the things that can occur when you commit to leading a magnificent life. You can go from ordinary to extraordinary. You can become healthy, happy, and whole, body, mind, and soul. You can learn to flow, achieve your life purpose, and live in joy.


Debbie Takara Shelor is a bestselling author, award-winning speaker, engineer, and consultant. She helps people step into their true magnificence, regain their confidence, align with the Divine, heal from their past, and stay in perpetual flow with the Universe, resulting in rapid goal achievement while living a joy-filled life.  After a life-altering mystical encounter with dolphins while meditating in 1993, she left the security of a high-paying engineering management career in the pharmaceutical industry to move to an island and start a non-profit for dolphins and whales. She took a deep dive into personal and spiritual growth, metaphysics, energy healing, and how life really works. Takara teaches how to apply real world savvy with spiritual finesse, making life easier, significantly less stressful, and much more fun.  She is the leader of the#1 bestselling book collaboration, Dolphins & Whales Forever. Takara has authored several other books

including the bestseller,  Peering Through the Veil: The Step by Step Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace.  She is the creator of Dancing Dolphin Sacred Healing Oils & Mists and the Magnificent U and Dancing Dolphin Way training programs available on-line, on land, and at sea.  She leads a Global Meditation each Spring and Fall Equinox and facilitates the Wild Dolphin Lovers group on Facebook. She is a homeschool mom. She hasmany websites including http://www.MagnificentU.com.

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