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3 Secrets to Turn Your Burned Out Body into Flamin' Hot with Energy


Want to know how to free up your body to help heal whatever issue your body is having?  It can be, “the weight won’t come off”, “I’m tired all the time”, or “Infertility”… really anything so your body can start to regain the energy it has lost and get back to Flourishing your personal Hotness.

You’re going to reduce your stress with my 3 Secrets that quickly take you from being stressed and Burnt out, to being more energized, confident, and best of all… you will increase your personal Mojo.

Find out what is really going on with your burned out body and what you can do to turn it into Flamin’ Hot with energy so that you lose the weight, spring off the couch, and have that baby you want so badly.


Renée Waggener at Xtraordinary Fertility helps women with infertility break free from the all-consuming loss of control so that they can live a Fertilicious life, regardless of the outcome. Renée knows on a deep level because she’s been there before. All three rounds of her IVF treatments failed! It hurts, and she gets it and she got thru it quickly. She wants to pass the knowledge and skills to women who are sick of the silent screams, being broken, and the frustration that nothing is working.

As a result of her own personal infertility journey, Renée created “The Fertility Snapshot Process: which can help show clients how likely they are to break free from the grip infertility has on them, so that they can take control of their Fertility journey instead of letting it control them. Her programs take her clients from Frustration to Fertilicious Living in a step-by-step process. Renée is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), and energetic speaker and writer who supports her clients worldwide so that they are able to build back their confidence, hope and control of the uncontrollable disease, infertility.

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