Mira Dessy


What’s Lurking In Your Pantry?


Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to focus on health and eating well? Are you confused about how to do that? Let Mira teach you how to understand what’s really in your food and give you simple strategies to meet yourhealth goals.


Mira Dessy is A certified nutrition educator, The Ingredient Guru, and author of The Pantry Principle: how to read the label and understand what's really inyour food. Mira is a professional member of the National Association of NutritionProfessionals, the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior, and theAmerican Holistic Health Association. She speaks frequently to lay people and nutrition professionals on how to navigate the grocery store’s mammoth packaged food stock, to decipher confusing food labels, understand the relationship of food additives to poor health, and to find real food. She believes it's not just what you eat, but what's in what you eat. Her motto is “Eat well to be well.”

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