Liz Bull


Five Hidden Things That May Be Keeping You Fat


The problem with diets is that they don’t work for the long term. One year later, most people have gained back all of the weight they lost and added more. Shockingly, this includes people who have had gastric bypass surgery!  The truth is that there are many factors which may be keeping your body fat.  In this talk,  Liz Bull will explain and describe five of the most common hiddenthings which contribute to weight gain and retention.


Liz Bull’s mission is to make it easy for women to have a body and a life they love.
She is fiercely committed to guiding and helping women who are fed up and frustrated withdiet programs that don’t work to finally end their struggle with weight.  

Her holistic and gentle mind-body approach focuses on freeing women of the hidden hurts ,traumas and beliefs as well as the tyranny of out-dated and just plain wrong information which has been keeping them frustrated, famished and fat.
A Medical Intuitive, Master Theta Healer and Certified Virtual Gastric Band practitioner, Liz haslong been fascinated by the critical role that mind, body and hidden beliefs play in our lives. Herother studies and certifications include EFT, Psych-K, Matrix Energetics, Access Consciousness, QiGong, NLP and Transcendental Meditation.
From a young age, she experienced the effects that the struggle with weight and obesity canhave- not only on the sufferer but on their family. She used all of this experience, insight andextensive training to end her own struggle with weight and to help other women do the same.
With Liz’s revolutionary approach to weight loss, clients lose weight without feeling deprived,counting calories or spending hours in the gym. There are NO “good” or “bad” days, NO gimmicks, NO weird foods, NO relentless weighing of anything, NO cravings, NO guilt… NO BS! She makes having a body and a life you love a reality rather than a dream.

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