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Love Your Energy Sphere


How would life feel if you LOVED the energy that surrounds you all the time? It is possible, and while it takes some practice, it isn't hard to do.  In this talk, Lindsey discusses some of the main things that interfere with your energy, and how you can "clear out" the energy in your life. From your home life, to your relationships at work, all the way to your past lives, she shows you where to find "negativity leaks" and how you can call on your Angels to help you cut ties to energy that no longer serves you, as well as bring more positive energy into your sphere every day.


Lindsey Rainwater is an Intuitive and Angel Communicator that specializes in helping people to listen more closely to the little voice insidethemselves. She wants to see people trusting their inner guidance so that theycan be more confident in their ability to make decisions that are right for them. She also works with clients on eliminating old energies that no longer serve them, using techniques such as cord-cutting and Past Life Journeys to facilitate their personal growth.

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Past Life Consultation

Curious about how past lives might be affecting your present energy? With a Past Life Consultation, we can explore things in your current life that might be echoes from your far past, and discuss what impact they can have. You can also ask questions about regressions and how they can help you clean out or enhance your energy sphere.

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