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Linda Nelson


Connecting With Your Inner Sensual Goddess


In spite of all the gains that women have made through the years in regards to our sexuality, there is still so much that goes unsaid. During this talk, Linda will bring sex out of the shadows and discuss how to reconnect with your own Inner Sensual Goddess. She will explain how you can use hypnosis to reclaim your feminine energy, creating a ripple effect that will spill freedom and power into all areas of your life.


After using hypnosis to work with women and couples at various events throughout thecountry, Linda quickly realized that for many women, the experience of sensual passionwas missing. She began to use hypnosis to teach women to reconnect with and reclaimthat part of their lives—and the results were amazing!
Because of her own experiences, Linda learned how powerful and life-changing these techniques can be for women, and she found new freedom and joy in learning how totake pleasure in her own body. A new passion was born as she began helping otherwomen to experience this very thing that is rarely talked about even today.
Linda earned her Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification in Washington State, and has also been certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists. She has earned additional certification as a Holistic Health Coach. Her other specialties include smoking cessation, pain management, and weight loss.
Linda has organized and hosted a national hypnosis conference and is in the process of planning more. She is also a regular presenter and keynote speaker at local and national conferences and conventions. She enjoys teaching classes on using hypnosis for pleasure and sensuality, and regularly assists women in reconnecting with and claiming their sensual energy. In addition,  she has led several workshops on designingvision boards to solidify and actualize goals. Recognizing the emotional component ofweight loss, she has also led a regular weight loss support group, and hosted monthly gatherings to share her passion for hypnosis.

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