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The Voice of the Heart: Discovering the joy of your inner voice and learning to use it.


What is your inner hearts voice? Why is it important? Kristy-Lea will share with you the importance of using your voice and discovering the joys in being able to say "Yes" to yourself and happiness. She will also cover some tips on how to listen to your internal hearts voice and how it can change your life when yo are able to really connect with your heart in this way. You will feel empowered, inspired and encouraged!


Kristy-Lea Tritz is an International Bestselling Author, Heart Centered Woman's Empowerment Coach, Podcast and online TV show host, artist, publisher and speaker.

Kristy-Lea began the journey to become a Heart Centered Woman's Empowerment coach out of her own struggles and overcome in life. She wanted to provide women with a safe place in which they could express themselves in full honesty. If she were to choose one thing in her life that she feels makes the deepest impact on the world it would be her work with women from all over the globe. Kristy-lea believes that as you empower women so you empower the world as a whole!

Kristy-Lea's podcast Your Heart Matters on iTunes is a great source of joy for her and she loves working with her co-host.

Kristy-Lea is also the writer of Coldilocks and the Three Polar Bears a children's Book she wrote when she was just 15 years old. It has always been a dream of Kristy-Lea's to publish her books and now that her dream is becoming a reality she says her life is filled with more passion to write! She now helps others realize their publishing dreams with her publishing company Empower and Inspire Publishing

Kristy-Lea Tritz is a creative person full of passion!

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The VOICE of the Heart

Inside this book you will learn:
• How to listen to your inner hearts voice even if it's only a whisper right now.
• The importance your Inner hearts voice plays in your life.
• Practical steps on how to access your inner hearts voice.
• and so much more…

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Websites: www.gettotheheartofthematter.ca & www.empowerandinspirepublishing.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/gettotheheartofthematter 

Twitter: @kristyleatritz​

Email: kristylea@gettotheheartofthematter.ca

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