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Katherine Metcalf


Journey to Your Life's Purpose


Katherine Metcalf is happy and grateful to live her passion. Although, it took her 40 years to figure out “who she wanted to be when she grew up!”-she now knows the secret to finding the perfect career and she wants to share it with you! Katherine believes the path to your purpose can be found in two steps:

1) Reflect on your childhood

2) Examine your astrology chart

All you need are some happy memories and your date, time & location of your birth. Astrology is basically the study of YOU, taught through planets, signs and houses! At birth, the planets are aligned in a way that is as unique to you as your DNA and your fingerprint! Your birth chart points to your natural gifts, your personality and your soul yearnings. Life can be so full and happy if you follow YOUR true North!

Join us for this Journey on the Path to your Life Purpose!


Katherine has had her nose stuck in Astrology books since the age of 13! Constantly fascinated by life’s mysteries and magic, Katherine enjoys a full time career as a Professional Astrologer, Intuitive and Tarot Card Reader. Katherine’s specializes in private consultations for Relationships, Business Consulting & Future Forecasting. She has enjoyed teaching Metaphysical Classes for the past 15 years, helping open peoples’ minds to their own amazing gifts! Being a Gemini, she is happiest doing two things at the same time! So, in 2010, Katherine created an on-line Directory of Heart Centered Business Owners.  In 2013 TCC was named the Holistic Business of the Year by Natural Awakenings Magazine!

TCC is a National resource of professionals who are nice to do business with! We invite you to visit our collaborative community In 2013, Katherine was the proud recipient of “The Spirit of Sisterhood Award” from the National Association of Women Business Owners!

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Website: www.KatherineMetcalf.com 

Email: astrologerkathy@gmail.com

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