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Using Affirmations to Transform the Fear of Stepping into Your Greatness


Do you feel a deep calling to uncover the fullness of your purpose, but find you are unsure of the process to get there? By identifying your fears and using affirmations to change the energy of them, you transform your fears into powerful signals of your life purpose. Your fears can either be self-imposed roadblocks, or clues to what you are here to teach others about. By using affirmations, you shift from fear into focus, and remove the hesitancy of stepping into your innate greatness.


Karen Downing is a Soul Mission facilitator, spiritual teacher and past life pattern innovator. Karen specializes in assisting you to discover and live your life purpose and soul mission, by using tools such as affirmations, past life patterns and astrology. You can connect with Karen and begin the process of owning your innate greatness at  FollowYourSoulCompass.com

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Follow Your Soul's Compass and 77 Affirmations

By understanding what you have learned before, you can begin the process of following your soul's compass to a purposeful life. You will receive 77 Affirmations for positive change, a video explaining the influence of your past life patterns on your fears, and also a customized report from your Soul Compass Survey.

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