Karen Barno


Find Your Blue Rose: Take Onwership of your Soul’s Purpose


Is your life not exactly where you think it should be? Did you think you would have a better job, business, marriage, relationships, friends, and more money? Did you picture yourself at this point owning a multimillion-dollar business while flying your private jet to Fuji for vacation? You continue to change trying to have a better life. In this interview, Karen lays out a simple step by step approach to transform your life and business.

You will discover how to:
1. Know who you really are

2. Understand why you continue to get in your own way

3. Change how you talk to yourself

4. Discover your real passion

5. Become who you want to be

6. Have a plan of action.


Karen experienced an abusive childhood both physically and verbally. She graduated at the very bottom of her high school class, joined the Air Force, struggled in college and had a new job every 3 years. She never could figure how to erase the past, remove the
“I can’t”, the “I’m not worthy” beliefs.  With the weight of her limiting childhood and young adult years, Karen could not figure out her life’s purpose.
Karen’s entrepreneurial spirit was ignited when she built a successful not for profit corporation. Through the years, although she loved the work she was doing, Karen noticed a new passion growing within.  She began to be drawn to helping women thatwere “stuck”, personally and professionally, much like herself in her younger years.  Karen felt a gentle nudge, then not so gentle pull, to help to women overcome obstacles that stand in their way of personal and career development.  She knew she had to act onthe nudge. Reading countless books, magazines, website, attended seminars, workshops, other coaches anything she could get her hands on to continue to move forward.  There were many times that Karen would seek women out to help them with their personal development, whether they solicited her help or not! After many awkwardmoments and rejections, and finding more successes than failures, Karen realized thatTHIS was her calling, her true PASSION: to coach women, help them overcome theirlimiting beliefs and find their true passion.
After a 20 journey Karen is now driven by a singular vision: help women define successin their career and personal life.  Karen guides women to reclaim their courage, achievethe successes they have dreamt about and eliminate the fears that have held them back. Karen dedicates herself to providing resources for women that shorten their learningcurve on the path of self-awareness.
Karen has worked in the corporate world for over 30 years. Drawing on her skills andexperience in employee relations, business start up, developing a highly motivated tribe,building strong relationships across different groups, Karen now assists women withleaving the past in the past and developing the tools to create a more compelling future.
Karen spends countless hours helping women to determine their career path, how to increase their income, how to rediscover their authentic self and how establish the toolsto develop healthy relationships with co-workers and clients.
Karen has developed the laser focus to teach women how remove their inner blocks and find their Blue Rose, their true passion in life!

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