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Take the Leap! The Alchemy of Creating a Life You Love


Join Heather McCloskey Beck as she takes you on a wondrous journey to help you remember what you leaped into this life to do, and begin living the life you were born tolive –now! It is Heather’s knowledge that life is not meant to be a struggle, full of pain and hardship, but rather a beautiful expression of creativity and joy; that each one of us was born a resonant Genius, with the capacity to create a life that we truly love.  Let Heather teach you how to step out of the encumbering stories that limit you in your life, into the divine vision of your own brilliantly crafted plan!

Through Heather’s inspired music, guided meditations and channeled exercises, all designed to assist in revealing your true Calling, Heather will share the insights from her book, Take the Leap, and willlead you to discover your true personal purpose; to remember your own divinely guided plans for this lifetime. She will show you how to begin right now, to weave your inspiredideas into your daily life, regardless of where you are or what you are doing. She will help you to remember that this life if your dream, your vision, and no one else’s. Are you ready to change your life, to create meaning and value in all that you do; to feel joyful, happy and inspired? Dare to join Heather McCloskey Beck as she guides you on a journey of a lifetime –a journey leading you back to the divine inspiration that is, in fact, You. Come on –dare to Take the Leap!


Heather McCloskey Beck is an inspirational author, speaker and musician, and co-founder of the global peace movement,  Peace Flash. Dedicated to creating Dynamic Peace within our world, Heather is a columnist for The Huffington Post and frequently speaks to groups across the United States, and soon will be addressing audiences around the world. With a growing following on her Facebook pages that has surpassed one million fans, Beck offers both virtual and on-site workshops and events to inspire peopleto create lives that feel meaningful and valuable. Heather is also dedicated to working with women around the world, to help create safe and inspired lives. Her recently published book, Take the Leap. teaches how to create a life we truly love; a life that is creatively inspired, and aligned with our own unique Calling. Take the Leap is available in all book stores and online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, in both print and digital formats.

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