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The Journey Within: Paths to Inner Peace


Our culture encourages to seek answers to our concerns in the outside world and provides us with an abundance of information and resources to do so. We take classes, read, search the internet and ask the opinions of others. All of these are wonderful resources and there is no doubt we learn a great deal. However, when it comes to our own personal growth and especially our spiritual self, there is only one resource and one path to take and that is to journey within. The spiral is an ancient symbol for the inner journey. Ancient humans recognized the importance of this inner exploration and used the symbol as a gentle way to take this internal adventure. Guided visualization and meditation techniques can all assist us on our journey within but the results are personal and individual. In this talk, Gillian will discuss the value of the inner journey, some of the techniques you can use to go there and how to benefit the most from the experience. She will also take you on a sample journey around the spiral to the core of your Inner Being. Join Gillian for a revealing journey within!


Gillian Driscoll Ph.D is a Master Holistic Coach, certified by Alan Cohen. With a doctorate in communication and a background in training and teaching, Gillian brings a multitude of skills and experience to assist clients in seeing their options and making decisions that move them forward on their path. In the business world, Gillian has taught communication skills at the college level and designed training in teamwork for pilots and flight attendants at a major airline. Gillian also brings her personal experiences and spiritual growth into her work with others. In 2002 Gillian was involved in a skiing accident that left her with a serious neck injury and a traumatic brain injury. Her journey back to health revealed to her the importance of maintaining spiritual, mental and emotional wellness as well as physical fitness and she is passionate about passing these valuable lessons on to others. As a result of her own challenges, Gillian found value in alternative and metaphysical healing systems and became certified in Reiki, Angel Therapy and Akashic Records Reading. In addition, Gillian is a writer and speaker. She has had articles published in major magazines and is writing several books. She is also the creator of Web Retreats, a way to take a short break from the busyness of daily life and reap the benefits of an expensive retreat without having to write a huge check or travel. Gillian’s website –www.gilliandriscoll.com - has information about upcoming events, individual and group coaching and Web Retreats.

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