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Become who you are meant to be!In this one-of-a-kind FREE Virtual Summit, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a very special experience… to step into a space of profound transformation… a space of empowerment and that will open your mind and expand your capacity to thrive in your life…

Quick-Start Guide to Conquer Overwhelm

In this quick-start guide, you’ll learn immediately useful tips in an easy to use format to overcome overwhelm and stress less including my top 25 'go to' affirmations, several self-care exercises and proven tips for integrating more gratitude in your every day life.

Michelle Amethyst Mahoney

25 BadAss Ways To Say No

Need some ideas to help you get out of a sticky situation? Grab this quick guide to say NO! today.

The Law of Attraction Vibrational Business Plan Hangout Special 

Michael Losier

Linda Rosenthal

Dr. Linda Rosenthal

The Essence of Healing – In Celebration of Reiki

Free download of my CD, which is a 32 minute meditative reading of my book, “The Essence of Healing – In Celebration of Reiki”

Recorded by the author.


Amy McCae

Core Values Worksheet

$97 Value

Free core values worksheet for discovering your truth!

Love, joy, and peace come naturally when you align what you think, speak, and do with your core values. Discover your truth right now.

Free personalized Initialize It! coaching session with Andrea Lambert ($300 value)

Initialize your health goals by taking powerful first steps in a clear direction with Andrea Lamberts “Initialize It!” coaching package. With this package you will bring together vital information dialing in your unique needs to move through mountains of information that would typically take a person years to sift through. After completing the initial questionnaire you will spend a powerful and effective 90 minutes with Andrea, in a private coaching and education session helping you to get to know the most important person in your life, YOU! Your results, everything you need to know about your unique needs, a plan to move ahead and the next best steps to get you to your goal

Andrea Lambert

Arwen Lynch-Poe

Arwen Lynch-Poe

Seeking Joy: Affirmations To Change Your World

An eBook on how to create affirmations plus daily affirmations to help you establish a habit of seeking joy. ($15 value)


Ashley J. Long

Free Kickstarter E-Course for Creatives

Start Connecting To Your Power, Prosperity and Purpose.

'Pausing the Paws' Meditation

A meditation to help you take a breath, take a pause,

take a load off the paws.

Sinceriously Birdy - avatar-size

Birdy Diamond

Arwen Lynch-Poe

Charlene Slimp

Calling on Animal Spirit Guides Meditation MP3

This is a 10 minute guided meditation MP3 which leads you from the confines of your logical, rational, thinking mind out into the wilds of your unconscious mind and energy into your sacred grove where you can call on any Animal Spirit Guide that you want. I highly recommend that you use this meditation to connect with Cougar first, but you can use it to connect with any Guide.


Cheryl Truesdale

Free E-book: “Beautiful Happy YOU!”

In only 8 steps, completely overcome your low self-esteem, discover and express your most beautiful self, and live the happy life you deserve.

 Abundance Affirmations Audio Track 

$47 Value

affirmations audio cover photo

Are you looking to change your abundance mindset? You want more abundance of love, joy, happiness and money in your life? Spend 10 minutes a day listening to this audio track and you will notice some changes start to occur and your mindset around abundance will start to change as well.

Sinceriously Birdy - avatar-size

Clarissa Wilson

Arwen Lynch-Poe

Claudia McNeely

Energetic Clearing Technique Ebook and MP3's

The Energetic Clearing Technique is a very powerful self-healing technique that can be used to heal anything.   I have been perfecting and using this technique for myself and my clients for many years. The ECT will allow you to take control of your life. You will be able to heal the stuck emotions, fears and traumas that are holding you back and keeping you stuck.   

Energetic Clearing Technique For Releasing Energy That Is Not Ours 

98% of what we think and feel does not belong to us. We are psychic sponges and absorb everything from everyone. This can cause us to feel anxious, angry, afraid, achy, hungry, etc. Easily release this energy in moments with this mp3 recording of the ECT. 

Energetic Clearing Technique To Release Other's

Dis-Ease, Pain and Emotions.

 We absorb other people's dis-ease, pains and emotions. Is that headache even yours? What about the craving for ice cream? Or depression? Release these energies easily and gently with the ECT. 

The Energetic Clearing Technique For Releasing Back Pain  

Many of us are plagued with back pain, especially low back pain.

Then back represents how we are supported. If we feel unsupported by our family or financially, this can show up in our low back. Lack of emotional support will be felt in our mid back.

 Using this ECT clearing will allow you to gently release it and feel better fast.


Deb Striker

Finding Your Focus

Dive into this exploration of figuring out where you can focus to get the most out of every day. Gain clarity and create a plan of action to keep you on track, while having a fantastic time doing it!

Free Creative Reinvention Consultation

A free one-hour consultation to begin creating your own transformation journey. In this intuitive and collaborative process, we will weed through your fears and limiting beliefs to uncover your heart’s desires and your soul’s yearnings.

Sinceriously Birdy - avatar-size

Elaine Shelly

Arwen Lynch-Poe

Elinor Predota

Creating Your Relationship as a

Container of Love

A fully committed relationship can, at its best, be a container of love, which not only holds, but helps to create the magic of your lives; it can be a strong vessel, which keeps you safe and well-supported as you navigate your life together.This free workbook is the first step to help you consciously create or recreate your relationship as the container, the vessel that you need it to be, one that will support you to live the life you desire, and that can take you where you want to go, together.


Elizabeth Hartigan

Free E-book called 7 steps to Stay Centered in Gratitude

$9. 99 Value


Gillian Driscoll Ph.D

A Web Retreat - The Inner Journey

Take a journey to your Inner Self along the spiral of self discovery and enjoy the benefits of a retreat without the expense or travel with this audio Web Retreat. Spend time with your wise Inner Self and relax as you absorb your guidance from within. Also download the free pdf booklet to help you get the most out of your Web Retreat experience.

40 Tips for Your Job Hunt When You're Over 40!

Searching for a job can be intimidating, especially when you’re over 40. Mid-career professionals will benefit from these 40 simple tips as they figure out what they want to be when they grow up. Sign up for this e-book today and get started with your job search!

Sinceriously Birdy - avatar-size

Joseph P. & Laurie Battaglia

Arwen Lynch-Poe

Karen Barno

7 Proven Step Ebook

Use this Ebook to manifest an increase in your prosperity, find the perfect career and develop amazing relationships.


Karen Downing

Follow Your Soul's Compass

By understanding what you have learned before, you can begin the process of following your soul's compass to a purposeful life. You will receive 4 bonuses! 77 Affirmations for positive change, a video webinar explaining the influence of your past life patterns on your fears, a customized assessment from your Soul Compass Survey, and the PDF guide, Creating Your Life Path, guiding you through the process of putting to use what you have just discovered, or re-discovered, about your innate greatness.

The VOICE of the HEART

Inside this book you will learn:
• How to listen to your inner hearts voice even if it's only a whisper right now.
• The importance your Inner hearts voice plays in your life.
• Practical steps on how to access your inner hearts voice.
• and so much more…

Sinceriously Birdy - avatar-size

Kristy-Lea Tritz

Arwen Lynch-Poe

Linda Nelson

Charka Rexlation Audio

As a special thank you for attending my summit teleseminar interview, I have created and recorded a very special relaxation recording just for those of you who have attended the summit. This recording will take you on a journey through the beautiful colors of the chakras, giving you a peaceful respite from your busy day.


Lindsey Rainwater

Past Life Consultation

Curious about how past lives might be affecting your present energy? With a Past Life Consultation, we can explore things in your current life that might be echoes from your far past, and discuss what impact they can have. You can also ask questions about regressions and how they can help you clean out or enhance your energy sphere.

Stress-buster Audio

Downloadable MP3 and script for instantly reducing

stress with EFT.

Sinceriously Birdy - avatar-size

Liz Bull

Mp3 Hypnosis Download Release Negative Thoughts with Martha Reed PhD

Sinceriously Birdy - avatar-size

Dr. Maratha Reed

Arwen Lynch-Poe

Mira Dessy

Eating Out Eating Healthy Ebook

This ebook shares simple strategies to begin making healthy choices whenyou eat out. It also offer substitutions for different types of cuisine. You can eat out and eat healthy.

Miranda Zukowski

Miranda Zukowski

The 7 Day ‘Stick to Your Plan’

Fitness & Health Challenge

Here are a few reasons to take this on:

  • You feel like you ‘should’ be taking better care of yourself, but just can’t get yourself to do anything
  • It will push you out of your comfort zone, which means expanding your universe in all sorts of ways you can’t even imagine from where you stand today
  • You will begin to carve out and create shiny new habits that support your best version of you
  • It will be immensely rewarding, empowering and FUN!

Free Xploration Session


Sinceriously Birdy - avatar-size

Renee Waggener

Uncovering the Hidden Currency of Marriage

Book in Digital Format, either Mobi file for Kindle or custom PDF (pdf can be used on PC or Mac to do the action steps at the end of each chapter, and save for future reference!)
Uncovering the Hidden Currency of Marriage, has started a long-overdue money conversation between men and women. A conversation that leads to rediscovering your personal power by uncovering the gifts within your partner. This amazing little gem and its simple message have changed the lives of thousands of couples by helping them to remember to tap into the source of their true wealth: the hidden currency in their marriage.

Sinceriously Birdy - avatar-size

Rick Gabrielly

Arwen Lynch-Poe

Rose Hawley-Perry

Decluttering Your Soul ~ 21 Steps to Decluttering Your Life Both Inside and Out

Value -$250

Start the process of looking at what you are holding on to that could be weighing you down. In short, Rose bares her soul to help you take control of your everyday life and love each day a little bit more. Use them as a group or just look up the areas of your life that your think you might need help.

Miranda Zukowski

Sharon Hess

Divine Money Mastery™ Audio

The Buck Starts Where?

Learn some to the key components to understanding your part in the creating process

5 Minute Audio Activation and PDF

Sharon Wilson’s powerful 5-minute audio activation (and PDF transcript) can be used before you go to bed, when you awake in the morning, or any time you want to activate the most powerful universal principle that will create financial peace of mind and miraculous solutions!

Sharon Wilson

Sharon Wilson

Shayla Logan

Shayla Logan

Fear Busting 101

A short but powerful video that shows you a different side of fear and three secrets to staying in motion, despite being afraid.

Takara Shelor

Takara Shelor

The Magnificent U Starter Kit

Discover how truly magnificent you can be with the Magnificent U Starter Kit by Takara. It contains 3 powerful ebooks, 2 entertaining and educational audios, 2 personal life assessments, and more.

Trish Ward

Trish Ward

Reboot Yourself in 24 hours!

Give recipes and daily food items, protocols to ease stress, action steps for a sustainable healthy lifestyle

Sponsor Free Gift


Thrive is a pure premium grade nutrition that helps your body to operate at optimum levels. Thrive is complete nutrition of your body. Everyone has nutritional gaps in their bodies, we all do.  No matter how clean we eat or how much we work out, no matter what multi-vitamin we take, we have nutritional flaws that cause side effects like weight gain, poor memory, insufficient sleep and low energy. Over one to eight weeks, Thrive can help fill in those gaps and help the body operate at peak levels-the way it should.

3 Day Free Sampler Package

$ 20 Value

We are giving you a 3 day Thrive trial pack (includes Lifestyle Capsules. Lifestyle Mix and Derma Foam Technology (DFT) for just the cost of shipping.

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