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Q1. I signed up, but haven’t received my registration confirmation email nor any emails about the speakers.

A. Your email may have been blocked or delayed by your email service/ISP. Also, if you are using your work email, it’s also possible their server setting is blocking certain emails (especially, non-profits and governments tend to have strict restrictions.). And unfortunately, there isn’t anything we can do about this on our end…

If you are a non-profit, etc. and are using a .org/.gov/.edu email address, we strongly recommend that you use your personal email address. If you are already using a personal email address, and you are still not receiving our emails, check your junk holder, add TARA, please insert the email they should add to your safe sender’s list, or try a different email address.

Q2. I listened to day 1 speakers and now I don’t see the day 2 speakers?

A. Use the same link for each day’s replays – you may need to refresh your page.

Q3. Where is the link to day 2 (or 3 or 4 etc)?

A. Here is your link you can use every day to listen to the interviews scheduled for that day (prior speakers will be switched out and new ones added each day at 9am MST). USE THE SAME LINK EVERY DAY
TARA, please insert here when we have this ready.

Q4. I just heard about this and really wanted to hear the interview today. How do I access this since I probably missed this morning’s email?

A. We send out daily reminder emails in the morning, so if you signed up for the Summit later in the day, you will start receiving those emails the following morning. In the meantime, you can still access today’s interviews at:http://yourvibrantlifesummit.com/free-live-access/

Q5. When I click on the replay button, nothing happens.

A. The replay is being delivered by a service called Instant Teleseminar, that’s very user-friendly and known to be reliable. If you have problems with the play buttons, InstantTeleseminar suggests the following:

  • clear your browser cache – Google “how to clear my browser cache”
  • get the latest flash player – Google “flash player” to get the installer
  • try rebooting your computer
  • use a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari…)
  • if available, use a different computer (some computers like the ones at work very often have restrictions as to what can be accessed)

99% of attendees have no problems listening – you’re in the 1% if you are experiencing technical problems with the replay. Sorry! All technology seems to have some problems but InstantTeleseminar has the fewest. They tell us the problem is something on the user’s end.

Q6. I do not see the audio player on my screen.

A. Try using Google Chrome. If you normally use Firefox with add ons, this may be causing the problem. If you are already using Chrome, try a different browser. You may want to use a different computer as something like this could be caused by a conflict with something that’s already on your computer.

Q7. I signed up earlier today and have not received the email listing the speakers.

A. We send out daily reminder emails in the morning, so if you signed up for the Summit later in the day, you will start receiving those emails the following morning. In the meantime, you can still access today’s interviews at:
TARA, please insert here when we have this ready.

Q8. I got about 20 minutes into an interview recording, and then accidentally exited out of the page. I can’t find anyway to fast forward to where I was in the interview without having to listen to the whole thing again. Any way this is possible?

A. Yes, just click anywhere on the progress bar (the area that shows a black bar indicating the progress of the replay) to go to where you want to start listening to the audio. (If it doesn’t work in your browser you are using, try a different browser.)


Q9. Can I listen on an iPhone?

A. Yes, we experimented ourselves, and it worked for us. Please know that, if you encounter any problem listening to the interviews on iPhone or any other smart phones, we cannot troubleshoot as it’s beyond the scope of the support we provide:-)

Q10. I signed up and received day 1 speaker emails but didn’t receive day 2 speaker email.

A. The daily speaker emails are sent at 7:30 am MST, so you should have them by now. Please check the junk mail folder (and Promotional emails tab in Gmail). We have found that Gmail tends to delay the delivery of many promo type emails, so that might be the case as well.

Q11. I want to purchase the recordings. I have not downloaded MP3s before. Do I need a special device to listen to these? How does this work?

You’ll receive a website page at the end of the summit with links for each speaker/topic.

There will be instructions on how to download. It’s really easy – right click the link and select “Save as.” This will save the MP3 file (and PDFs if you choose the transcript option) to your PC or MAC and you can simply re-listen to them using the default audio player you have on your computer (or open the PDF and read the interviews).

If you get stuck we’ll be here to help!

Q12. How do I save the MP3 and/or PDF files to my mobile device (iPad, tablet, smartphone, etc.)?

Although we’d love to help you enjoy your downloads as much as possible, we do not know exactly how every single device on the market works. We recommend to do online research for your particular device/tool or ask the manufacturer/service provider. (Or ask your tech wizard family member/friend!)

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