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Elizabeth Hartigan


Cultivating a Grateful Heart!


Elizabeth will share 5 steps to cultivating a grateful heart, ways to maintain a gratitude mindset when everything around you seems to be falling apart and more. You will have specific tools to practice gratitude in your life starting today.


Elizabeth Hartigan, The Gratitude Girl, is an Author, Speaker, and Gratitude Coach. Helping people see the gifts within life’s shifts. 13 years ago I was told that a lump in my neck was cancer and that I needed to start treatment immediately, Something inside of me knew that this was a journey within, I just had no idea where the journey might lead. 13 years later I am happy, healthy, radiant. and whole and see this experience as a gift, a gift that lead me to my purpose and passion of helping others to see the good in their lives and the beauty that surrounds them!

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