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Love is a choice: how to create your relationship as a container of love


I’ve married a lot of people over the last 15 years. In that time I’ve learned that at its best, a committed relationship can be created as a container of love, a vessel to carry you through life, together.But saying "I do" doesn’t make everything rosy for ever! So how to do it?In this talk Elinor speaks about the place of boundaries, the role of forgiveness, and the importance of making a daily decision for love, in creating your relationship as a container of love.


Hi. I’m Elinor Prędota. I believe in love, and I believe that love is a choice. I help people in long-term, committed relationships —whatever their relationship status, sexual orientation or gender identity —to create or recreate their relationship as a container of love, a vessel to carry them through life, together. I do this through retreats and intensives which uncover the deep truth of their relationship, and by creating wedding ceremonies as acts of magic. I’ve been an Interfaith Minister and Pagan Priestess for more than 15 years, and in my own committed relationship for nearly 20. Over that time I've learned that making a daily, hourly, minute by minute choice for love is the most powerful thing that any of us can do. It’s a lesson I apply to my own life, as well as teaching it to others. Other stuff about me? I'm a bisexual feminist, Witch, and brony (fan of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic). I live in rural Scotland with my partner and our dog. When I’m not publicly Priestessing, I can be found making yarn crafts, art, poetry and magic, baking gluten free goodies, singing to the land and its spirits, and cuddling with my pack.I hate: oppression, cynicism and almond essence. I love: love, elephants, bubbles, indigo blue, chocolate, rainbows and ponies. Lots of ponies.

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Creating Your Relationship as a Container Of Love

A fully committed relationship can, at its best, be a container of love, which not only holds, but helps to create the magic of your lives; it can be a strong vessel, which keeps you safe and well-supported as you navigate your life together.This free workbook is the first step to help you consciously create or recreate your relationship as the container, the vessel that you need it to be, one that will support you to live the life you desire, and that can take you where you want to go, together.

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