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The Four Components of Healing and Transformation


Transformation and healing are often thought of as “magical” processes. Sacred texts from various wisdom traditions are filled with stories of individuals who dramatically change overnight. In these stories, the individual had little to do with the transformation. It just happens. For me, healing and transformation are intentional journeys along paths that can be long and winding. There may be parts of the journey filled with serendipity and magic, while others are filled with intention, focus and some effort.

The four components of healing and transformation, also the four components of Creative Reinvention, are as follows: Choose, Decide, Plan and Act. The Universe has its part in healing and transformation, but these components are our part. Once mastered, they can be applied to any circumstance. Implementing these components has helped me develop a strong belief that any life, any circumstance can be transformed.


Elaine Shelly is a writer and Creative Reinvention coach. Her life has served as a laboratory in developing the 4-part Creative Reinvention system of transformation. She has experienced several dramatic transformations after years for being severely disabled and living in nursing homes.

Elaine is the author of Creative Reinvention: How to Craft a Heartmade Life. The chronicles her 20-year journey to healing from multiple sclerosis. In the book, she writes that healing is simply “taking the path away from pain.” With this definition, she also believes that any life circumstance can be transformed.

The book is available on Amazon or at Elaine’s website, www.CreateReinventNow.com

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