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Linda Rosenthal

Dr. Linda Rosenthal


“I Love Me, I Love Me Not ~ How many Petals Are On Your Daisy?"


We are constantly in an ebb and flow of life, always constricting and expanding.  From our journey down the birth canal, to our first inhale and exhale, to our emotional and spiritual maturity, to our evolving levels of consciousness, we have numerous life experiences that either close us down from fearful thoughts of separation or open us up with expansive feelings of compassion, inclusiveness,and love. It’s important for each of us to have personal boundaries while at the same time, knowing how to expand beyond our self-imposed limitations.  

As we move from the personal (ego) to the Universal sense of Self (Essence),we understand that it is the energy of Love which ultimately gives us a vibrant,joyful, and healthy human life. But how do we make LOVE a conscious choice especially when our immediate situation might seem too difficult?

Let’s talk about LOVE. Join Dr. Linda Linker Rosenthal for a love fest with the Chakra Sisters and a fun exploration through your field of daisies. Will you be wise enough to find love or not?


“It’s all about YOU, and it’s NOT ABOUT YOU, at all!” – from constriction to expansion. – from judgment to acceptance – from surviving to thriving.“Fergetcha Kundameanie spells” cause us to forget Who We Are - moving from Me to We consciousness. Trust your Intuitive Impulses. Know Yourself. Integrate the Higher Self into the Personality. We are One. LOVE is our greatest healer.
The Essence of Healing – In Celebration of Reiki ©2007 Sacred Arts Publishing
Once Upon the Beginning – A Complete and Continuing Soul Story (the Birth of a Soul)©2008 Sacred Arts Publishing
CD – Reiki Rhythms – Remembering Sacred Sounds ©2010 Thunderclap Studios
The Seven Chakra Sisters – Make Friends with the Inner Allies Who Keep You Healthy,Laughing, Loving, and Wise ©2013 Red Wheel/ Weiser - Hampton Roads Publishing 

  “Teach only love.”

Touching hearts and transforming lives since 1995 when she founded Insight Out Visionary Healing Arts Center, Dr. Linda Rosenthal is an experienced guide for the individual and collective Soul’s Purpose. Through her essence of joy, clarity, spiritual wisdom and love, Linda ignites the Light of Higher Self Awareness and shines amirror on the infinite possibilities, creative potential, and optimal health within each person.  An alchemist by trade, her life’s work is to create sacred space for others to transmute fear into love and live authentically.
Linda holds advanced degrees in Metaphysical Healing and Transpersonal Psychology. Her extensive trainings in meditation, intuitive counseling, energy work andsound healing are the foundations for her private holistic practice as a spiritual teacherin NW Indiana where she focuses on love, love, and more love. She is an award winning author of three books on higher consciousness and a recording artist with anoriginal collection of inspired chants for personal and planetary healing.
  Linda presents lively life lessons at conferences and global summits, facilitates women’s wisdom circles and retreats, is Founder of The Midwest Reiki Convergence, and a Founding Steward of Conscious Evolutionaries Chicagoland. Always seeking inclusiveness, Linda works as a Co-Creative Content Curator for GOOD of the WHOLE, bringing Spirit and Consciousness to Life.
“I am here with pleasure to support and serve all who are ready to activate theirdivine potential. I celebrate the courage of all men, women, and children who choose to lead with their wise and loving heart!”

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