Deb Striker


How to Raise your Expectations without killing yourself or being hated by everyone.


Popular advice tells us to lower our expectations to avoid disappointment. The reality though, is the higher our expectations are, the higher we’ll reach and the better our outcomes. We’ll discuss how to balance and communicate your expectations so that everyone around you is onboard with your life purpose goals. Learn how to ~ Clearly define your expectations and push them higher than you may think “reasonable”. Avoid burn out and exhaustion. Build a network of enthusiastic support. Track your progress so you see how well it’s working and where to make adjustments.


Deb is a single, homeschooling, self-employed Mom of 2 awesome little munchkins. She understands being busy, feeling overwhelmed and losing your sense of self in the chaos that can be life. She’s passionate about helping people break through the limitations of everyday life so they spend their days living passionately while being fully true to themselves. Deb has been focused on overcoming the obstacles of having to be everything to everybody while staying true to herself for the past 4 years. Her website, was created to share the adventure with those who seek to embrace their passions and live life to its fullest. If you're ready to live the life you've dreamed of, she invites you to join in on the adventure and excitement!

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Finding Your Focus

Dive into this exploration of figuring out where you can focus to get the most out of every day. Gain clarity and create a plan of action to keep you on track, while having a fantastic time doing it!

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