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Claudia McNeely


Transforming Your Life With Heart And Soul Healing.


Many things can interfere to stop us from living the life we truly want to live. We hold onto so much judgment, fear and so many false beliefs that we are stuck and unable to move forward. Your Heart and Soul can be healed easily and gently, and you can transform into the butterfly you desire to be.


Claudia McNeely assists her clients to create transformation on all levels by healing their Heart and Soul. She has studied many spiritual traditions and healing modalities in her quest to heal herself emotionally, physically and spiritually, and now uses only the best of what she has learned with her clients. She is able to easily access the core issues and beliefs that are holding you back, and help you to gently release lifetimes of blocked energy, fear and judgment. She is able to work quickly, easily and safely on levels few people can access. Claudia is a Medical Intuitive, Shamanic Healer, Master Energy/Emotional Healer, Clairvoyant Psychic, Medium, Pet Communicator, Pet Healer and Author. She has been assisting clients to create deep transformation for more than 30 years.

Free Gifts:

Energetic Clearing Technique Ebook and MP3's

The Energetic Clearing Technique is a very powerful self-healing technique that can be used to heal anything.   I have been perfecting and using this technique for myself and my clients for many years. The ECT will allow you to take control of your life. You will be able to heal the stuck emotions, fears and traumas that are holding you back and keeping you stuck.   

Energetic Clearing Technique For Releasing Energy That Is Not Ours 

98% of what we think and feel does not belong to us. We are psychic sponges and absorb everything from everyone. This can cause us to feel anxious, angry, afraid, achy, hungry, etc. Easily release this energy in moments with this mp3 recording of the ECT. 

Energetic Clearing Technique To Release Other's Dis-Ease, Pain and Emotions

 We absorb other people's dis-ease, pains and emotions. Is that headache even yours? What about the craving for ice cream? Or depression? Release these energies easily and gently with the ECT. 

The Energetic Clearing Technique For Releasing Back Pain  

Many of us are plagued with back pain, especially low back pain.

Then back represents how we are supported. If we feel unsupported by our family or financially, this can show up in our low back. Lack of emotional support will be felt in our mid back. Using this ECT clearing will allow you to gently release it and feel better fast.

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