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Wealth Consciousness: It's Really Just a Mindset


Are you one of those people that struggle with money? You just don't seem to have any in your life, right? Or when you do get money, you have to immediately spend it all on your current bills and unexpected bills?
Let's change that right here and right now, because it really is just a mindset that you have in yourself about the money you can have in your life. These mindsets are created throughout our entire life, but really do start before we were even born. All of the conversations that our parents had with each other and even with us around money, are ingrained in our heads and that is where our wealth consciousness comes from. But you have the POWER to change those mindsets and create your own beliefs, here and now. It is not always an easy process and take a lot of work. So are you ready to change your wealth consciousness and your mindsets?


Clarissa is a very well educated woman with 3 college degrees - a Bachelor's in Accounting, an MBA in Forensic Accounting, and an MSA in Forensic Accounting. She is also a Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healer and an all-around energy healer. Most of her energy healing work has been self taught in taking techniques that worked and tweaking them to work a little bit better for her. And because of this, she has developed her Zone of Genius - being able to tune into the energy of businesses and do some amazing clearing energy work on those businesses. Clarissa is an old soul with a lot of life experience despite her very young age. But she only does things she absolutely loves and follows the advice the universe gives her.

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