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Cheryl Truesdale


“Dauntless: The Courage to You Need to Succeed”


On this call you’ll:

  • You’ll learn how fear and self-doubt hold you back from getting the results you want.
  • You’ll discover why you must courageously overcome fear and self-doubt if you want to live the successful and Vibrant life you desire.
  • You’ll learn my process “Out with Self-Doubt, In with Confidence” where you’ll apply 3 dauntless mindsets that empower you to conquer self-doubt and reach your full potential.
  • And you’ll discover How to Turn Your Fear into the COURAGE you Need to Succeed using my 3 dauntless strategies.


Cheryl’s greatest passion is empowering women with love, hope and inspiration to fulfill their potential. She’s made it her mission to inspire as many women as possible to discover their most beautiful, confident, happy selves and live the amazing lives they deserve.
With a heart full of compassion and empathy coupled with her wisdom and courage, Cheryl’s determined to share the experience and knowledge she’s gained overcoming a self-destructive lifestyle that almost cost her her life.Cheryl’s journey of transformation was no small feat, requiring many years of therapy to create the incredible life she’s living today. It was this process of rebuilding her life that inspired Cheryl to begin helping women who were struggling with the same low self-esteem that had paralyzed her.She is now dedicated to sharing her message of hope and inspiration with women everywhere through free training videos aired weekly on her YouTube channel “Cheryl Shares TV....your station for inspiration.”These videos are packed with empowering advice, helpful insights, as well as powerful strategies for living courageous, confident, and happy.
Cheryl is also currently creating a video based, online training program empowering women step-by-step to summon the courage they need to claim the happy lives they deserve. Because this video training program will be online, woman can easily access the support, help and instruction they need to overcome the crippling effects of low self-esteem.Communicating her message through video comes naturally for Cheryl as she has worked in media for 30 years, the last 17 years as a Las Vegas TV spokesperson. Nothing excites her more than being able to use her skills to encourage as many women as possible to believe in themselves and achieve their dreams.

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