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Introducing Cougar: Using Animal Medicine to Change Your Life


In my talk, we'll be discussing how to interact with Animal Spirit Guides, how they come to work with you, how you can ask them to work with you, and, specifically, how and why you should start working with Cougar immediately!


Charlene is a Shaman, Photographer, Dancer, and Artist who specializes in nature relationships and Animal Spirit Guides to help women create the life that they want to lead through dramatic transformations. She specializes in working with women who need a boost of self confidence, who need to silent that taunting voice in their heads, and who are ready to take control of their lives and move forward.

Free Gifts:

Calling on Animal Spirit Guides Meditation MP3

This is a 10 minute guided meditation MP3 which leads you from the confines of your logical, rational, thinking mind out into the wilds of your unconscious mind and energy into your sacred grove where you can call on any Animal Spirit Guide that you want. I highly recommend that you use this meditation to connect with Cougar first, but you can use it to connect with any Guide.

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