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Birdy Diamond


Fiction Isn't: Change your Story, Change your Life


We are surrounded by Story every day: the ones we hear, the ones we tell. By changing our Stories, we can change our lives for the better.

Birdy Diamond talks with Tandy Elisala about the what, the why, and the how of changing our Stories, starting with one very important element: that of pausing the paws.


Birdy Diamond uses Story to help people change their lives for the better. The ways are various, as are the media.

Some of the ways:

stories - fiction, stories from card readings, stories from her Path and her experience

talismans - jewelry and other talismans designed to help you remember the Change you desire in your life and why that Change is important to you

tarot and oracle cards - what it says on the tin

meditations - Western-style meditations designed to take you on a Journey of self-discovery and help you create the Change you desire in your life

music – original and filked song and channelled music to help you expand your mind and your horizons

Some of the media:

written word - 'fiction', 'non-fiction', card decks

audio - stories of all sorts, meditations, channelled music, podcast - 'Down the Rabbit Hole' (coming soon!)

video - stories of all sorts, meditations, video versions of the podcast and of 'Notes from the Bardic Circle', a weekly post on 'Birds on the Blog'

episodic story - when the time comes, her goal is to have the 'fiction' come to life as episodic internet television

When she's not storytelling in the context of her business, she's telling stories through fan-fiction, through music (specifically singing), and through participation in local theater.

Free Gifts:

 'Pausing the Paws' Meditation

A meditation to help you take a breath, take a pause, take a load off the paws.

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You can find her on the 'webs at:

Twitter: @BardicRaven, @WonderlandRBBT

Facebook: Birdy Diamond, JourneyBird's Wonderland

YouTube: JourneyBird's Wonderland

Pinterest: WonderlandRBBT

tumblr: bardic-raven--birdy-diamond

Archive of our Own: BardicRaven

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