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The Power of Choosing to Practice

Living in Vulnerability


There is no wrong way to live your life... Just choices... and experiencing the ripple effects of choices made. The thing is you can't selectively decide which emotions you get to experience... You are either all in or out... it is trusting yourself to choose being vulnerable.... that is the path to experiencing unconditional love. Vulnerability at first glance is scary... it does not feel safe ... It is a leap of faith toward discovering you.... as you share your truths of who you really are... From the deepest parts of are essentially emotionally naked in front of the world...

Vulnerability... Is knowing your inherent worth as you practice telling your truths...this is where the magic of vulnerability happens... Truth telling lets you experience all that love is.... Trust, compassion, joy, freedom, tenderness, connection, a sense of letting go of shame, guilt, and blame. Vulnerability is an expression of self-love... Knowing without question you are important, wanted, matter… And knowing you are enough in this moment... and every moment...


   Barb Heite with a Master Degree in Human Dynamics is the founder and Vulnerability Coach of Cuddle Zone, in Tempe, AZ.  Barb’s unique approach to coaching vulnerability through nurturing touch therapy aids her clients to create a gateway to exploring alternative natural approaches to healing the mind, body, and spirit to compliment any approach to healing. Barb shared her journey to finding her own voice in her book, Beautiful Mess...The Journey Within. In addition, Barb shares her message of vulnerability through public speaking, one-on-one coaching and various workshops. Where she teaches people the healing power of energy through a safe natural and nurturing environment while practicing the art of trusting and expanding into the power of vulnerability.

    Barb became aware of the healing power of nurturing touch with her life coach after her diagnosis of Stage 3 thyroid cancer in 2013. With her life coach she would be held before each hospital visit. This simple but powerful practice of nurturing touch enabled Barb to be able to stay present and not enter into fear of treatments. Barb was able to complete diagnostic testing without ever being sedated. During this time of practicing nurturing touch the ripple effects touched other parts of Barb’s personal internal life and struggle to feeling unconditionally accepted and loved. Through the practice of vulnerability Barb experienced healing of the mind body and spirit.

    Barb seizes life with love and purpose and is passionate in her soul calling, guiding private clients and groups onto the path of discovery of self-love, worth and acceptance. Inspiring in her clients that happiness, love and trust is a choice and responsibility made moment- to- moment. Barb teaches the practice of vulnerability. By instilling that living with an open heart will lead an individual to be aware of self that then will lead to freedom to consciously choose a blissful, joyful, love-filled life.

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