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Manifesting Your Creative Magic: Forget Marketing & Start Connecting to

Your Power, Purpose & Prosperity


Are you a Creative? Someone with gifts that desire to be expressed, shared and paid well for? How often do you feel frustrated by the sense you're being held back? Do you feel a higher force...just right there...but you're not able to engage it's guidance?

​If even one of these thoughts resonates with you, then this session is for you. Ashley combines the art of manifesting with the power of creativity to give you clear steps to uncover and activate your Inner Magic so you can express, share AND get paid well for your creative gifts- with the utmost confidence that you and your gifts matter!​


To LIVE an abundant and fulfilled life, doing what you really want and love…isn’t that what all Creatives seek? Why is that still such a struggle? It shouldn’t be, especially since Creatives innately have the most important tool for manifesting. It’s time to stop believing that as an artist, you can’t do what you love and live a prosperous life.

Ashley knows this life. She knows how to change it.

Ashley founded her business in 2013 to help Creatives realize just how important their work is and to help them know that our ability to create any desire is 100% possible - even the desire for a prosperous career making art. She embraces life as magical and speaks often of personal power and radiant abundance.

Her experience as an artist and writer, fitness coach, gifted intuitive and student of metaphysics (and a mother of three creative children off living their most excellent dreams), have honed her abilities to see each soul's potential and coach them to fulfill their goals. During the course of her own experience with difficult years of depression, suicide attempts, and health issues, she found a way out with the use of an ancient system hidden within a deck of playing cards. She has helped clients find clarity, get unstuck, tap into their big, juicy dreams, and create the steps to make those dreams a reality.

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