Amy McCrae


Excellence in Love: 5 Practices for Creating Authentic Relationships


Looking for love? Critical of yourself? Amy teaches you how to find your authentic self and to align what you think, speak, feel, and do with your core values so that you can find love and peace in your life and with your self. Relationships are the heart of our daily lives.

Without family, friends, co-workers, or even a complete stranger how would you experience human life? Where would your sadness that turns into strength and growth come from? What would be your greatest joy and how would you celebrate? We see aspects of ourselves through our experiences with others. The child that repeats what you say, the stranger who holds the door for you, the boss who compliments you for a job well done, they are all gentle reminders of who we are, how we should live, and what needs to heal. In all of our relationships, even the ones we have with our-selves, we are looking for love.

If you want to feel love then you need to be excellent in relationships. In this seminar Amy discusses five intentional practices each having tools you can easily implement today. These practices and tools enhance relationships creating healthy and happy lives.


Amy McCae is a Life Coach that focuses on healing and wellness. She is passionate about healing relationships, including the one with your self. She believes that discovering your own truth will allow you to create a healthy and happy life.

Amy spent nearly a decade ill suffering from multiple illnesses. One day she was in so much pain that she was unable to care for her baby. She rolled out of bed and crawled to the phone to call for help. That day changed Amy’s life forever. She began a quest to heal herself looking in places she never knew existed before that dreadful day. Amy eventually healed herself through natural methods such as fitness, nutrition, and meditation.

With this new awareness she rediscovered a passion for helping others and began pursuing an education in holistic healing.  In her Life Coaching practice Amy realized that love and relationships played a vital role in healing and supports clients in finding love and discovering their true potential. Amy’s certifications include Certified Personal Trainer, Silva Life System, Ultra Silva, and Silva Intuition Graduate, Reiki and multiple other energetic healing modalities, as well as Sports Visualization Specialist.

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