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Michelle Amethyst Mahoney

Michelle Amethyst Mahoney


Manifesting Magic on the Spiral of Ascension


Discover why saying NO is actually saying Yes, and why you can never make a mistake in the Spiral of Ascension.


Michelle Amethyst Mahoney runs Spiritual Badass, a safe haven for visionaries and spiritual revolutionaries with members in more than 185 countries around the World.

She is passionate about helping you see that you are already a perfect manifestation of Divine Love, and that you only need to uncover the hidden treasures within yourself. Amethyst now lives in Chicago, IL in the USA with her husband and their 2 dogs and 2 cats. In her spare time, she enjoys teaching Tarot and the Spiral of Ascension, smoking cigars and riding her motorcycle. Want to learn how to say no to all the noise and distractions of your busy life so that you can say "Yes!" to the things that truly matter?

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Websites: http://amethystmahoney.com 

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