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Learn the secrets to success from TOP speakers from around the world! The 2015 "Your Vibrant Life Summit: Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise" promises to reveal the BEST of the BEST to make you successful!

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Your Vibrant Life Summit is for those who:

- Seek better health

- Want more wealth/abundance

- Are ready for spiritual enlightenment

- Want simple, proven tools for life SUCCESS!

Do you hunger and thirst for more?

Can you taste your extraordinary life but don’t know how to activate the POWER within you to manifest it or maybe you know how but need ”Inspiration, Empowerment and Guidance?”

This transformational event is for YOU!

Become who you are meant to be!In this one-of-a-kind FREE Virtual Summit, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a very special experience… to step into a space of profound transformation… a space of empowerment and that will open your mind and expand your capacity to thrive in your life…

Your Host

Tandy Elisala


3 Super Stupid Mistakes Even Super Smart Women Make that Keep Them Stressed and Stuck and How to Avoid Them


If you are finally ready for the inner peace and happiness you deserve, 

you'll want to listen to this content rich call, where you will learn:

1. The 3 biggest mistakes that keep you stressed and stuck.

2. The #1 thing you can do NOW to enjoy each day with grace and ease.

3. The single biggest factor in developing and maintaining a positive mindset.

4. The surprising truth about stress and what it’s really costing you.

Featured Speakers

Dr. Bernard S. Siegel, MD


The Truth about Self Induced

Healing and Human Potential

Dr. Martha Reed


The Dragonfly Effect: Awaken Your

Inner Warrior with Color as Therapy

Michelle Amethyst Mahoney


Manifesting Magic on the

Spiral of Ascension

Heather McCloskey Beck


Take the Leap! The Alchemy of Creating a Life You Love

Michael Losier


Law of Attraction - How to Stop Attracting Negative Things

Linda Rosenthal

Dr. Linda Rosenthal


“I Love Me, I Love Me Not ~ How many Petals Are On Your Daisy?"

Sharon Wilson

Sharon Wilson


The Simple 3-Step Formula to Jaw Dropping Amazing Abundance In 30 Days or Less!

Sharon Wilson

Diane Sieg


Chose to CALM in 30 Days! 
Take the Mindfulness Challenge

Guest Speakers


Amy McCae


Excellence in Love: 5 Practices for Creating Authentic Relationships

Andrea Lambert


How to Effectively Manage Your Moods While Improving Your Diet

Arwen Lynch-Poe


Affirmations: How To Talk Yourself Out of Ick and Into Joy

Ashley J. Long


Manifesting Your Creative Magic: Forget Marketing & Start Connecting to Your Power, Purpose & Prosperity

Barb Heite


The Power of Choosing to Practice

Living in Vulnerability

Sinceriously Birdy - avatar-size

Birdy Diamond


Fiction Isn't: Change Your Story,

Change Your Life

Carrie Tucker, RCP, The Life Breath Coach

Carrie Tucker


The Breath Of Life: Discover How Your Breathing Can Make You Sick

Charlene Slimp


Introducing Cougar: Using Animal Medicine to Change Your Life

Cheryl Truesdale


Dauntless: The Courage to You

Need to Succeed!

Clarissa Wilson


Wealth Consciousness: It's Really

Just a Mindset

Claudia McNeely


Transforming Your Life With Heart

And Soul Healing

Debbie Striker


How to Raise your Expectations Without Killing Yourself or Being Hated by Everyone

Elaine Shelly


The Four Components of Healing and Transformation

Elinor Predota


Love is a Choice:  

How to Create Your Relationship as a Container of Love


Elizabeth Hartigan


Cultivating a Grateful Heart!

Gillian Driscoll Ph.D.


The Journey Within: Paths to Inner Peace

Joseph P. & Laurie Battaglia


7 Ways You Create Your Life,

For Better or For Worse

Karen Barno


Find Your Blue Rose:

Take Ownership of your Soul’s Purpose

Karen Downing


Using Affirmations to Transform the Fear of Stepping into Your Greatness

Karen Packwood


Loving Yourself Back to Life

Katherine Metcalf


Journey to Your Life's Purpose

Kristy-Lea Tritz


The Voice of the Heart: Discovering the Joy of your Inner Voice and Learning to Use It

Linda Nelson


Connecting With Your Inner Sensual Goddess        

Lindsey Rainwater


Love Your Energy Sphere

Liz Bull


Five Hidden Things That May Be

Keeping You Fat

Mira Dessy


What’s Lurking In Your Pantry?

Miranda Zukowski


Learn to Enjoy Exercise and Live Your Fullest Potential

Renee Waggener


3 Secrets to Turn Your Burned Out Body into Flamin' Hot Energy.

Rick Gabrielly


How To Survive Money Stress WITHOUT Breaking Up

Rose Hawley-Perry


3 Simple Changes to Make In Your Daily Routine to Start Getting the Important Shit Done

Sharon Hess


Heal Your Money Wounds

Shayla Logan


Reclaim Your Power: 3 Keys to Moving Out of Fear and Into a Life You Love

Takara Shelor


You Can Be Magnificent

Trish Ward


5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Health in Check in a World that Tells You, You Have No Time

Special Bonus Interview

Michael Losier


What You Ought to Know About N.L.P.

Why you connect well with some people,

not so well with others.​

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About Your Host

Tandy Elisala, MA, CPSC, ACH, Cht, TFT, helps women who are super stressed with work and home to achieve their goals and conquer overwhelm so they can live their lives with passion, grace, and ease. Tandy is passionate about helping women (and a few smart men) recognize their power within to be, do, and have anything they want. She was a full-time caregiver for both parents simultaneously while kicking cancer’s butt a third time and raising three children as a single parent. Tandy is a Certified Professional Success Coach (CPSC), Mindset Mentor, Author, and Motivational Speaker. Tandy lives in Tempe, AZ, with her kids, awesome dog, and two cats.


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